Hay muchos phrasal verbs en el idioma inglés, ¿conoces estos cinco? ¡Añade estos verbos a tu vocabulario para mejorar tus habilidades de comunicación en inglés!

Hold on


  • Tener, sujetar o mantener la mano, los brazos, etc…

Ejemplos: Hold on to the railing, so you don’t fall.

Can you hold on to my bag while I open the door?

  • Esperar

Ejemplos: Hold on, I have to answer this phone call.

Can you hold on a minute?  I’m very busy and I can’t talk right now.

Make up


  • Inventar o improvisar una historia o excusa

Ejemplos:  Joe arrived late for work and made up an excuse about a traffic accident to tell his boss.

I made up a fictional story to tell the children before they went to bed.

  • Compensar por algo

Ejemplo: He made up for the horrible date by buying his girlfriend flowers and chocolate

  • Hacer algo con el fin de corregir una omisión

Ejemplo: I missed my English class last week so we will have to make up the class this week and do an extra hour.

  • Consistir en

Ejemplo: Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

Get along with


Llevarse bien con alguien

Ejemplo: I get along with my coworkers and it makes for an enjoyable work environment.

They don’t get along with each other, they have a terrible relationship.

Call off


Dejar de hacer o planear algo, cancelar.

Ejemplo: Maria called off the wedding because she decided she didn’t love him.

Run into


  • Cuando dos o más objetos se golpean o se chocan.

Ejemplo: The car was destroyed when it ran into a tree.

  • Ver a alguien inesperadamente, encontrarse con alguien

Ejemplo: I ran into Sara at the supermarket on Sunday and she told me that she’s getting married next year.

Ahora que has aprendido estos cinco phrasal verbs y sus definiciones, ponlos en uso!