5 Phrasal verbs that you need in your English vocabulary

There are many phrasal verbs in the English language, do you know these five? Add them to your vocabulary to improve your English communication skills!

Hold on


To have or keep your hand, arms, etc., around something.
Examples:Hold on to the railing, so you don’t fall.

Can you hold on to my bag while I open the door?

To wait.

Examples: Hold on, I have to answer this phone call.

Can you hold on a minute?  I’m very busy and I can’t talk right now.

Make up


To invent or improvise a story or excuse

Example:  Joe arrived late for work and made up an excuse about a traffic accident to tell his boss.

I made up a fictional story to tell the children before they went to bed.

To compensate for

Example: He made up for the horrible date by buying his girlfriend flowers and chocolate.

To do something in order to correct an omission

Example: I missed my English class last week so we will have to make up the class this week and do an extra hour.

To consist of

Example: Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

Get along with


To be friendly with or on good terms with someone

Examples:  I get along with my coworkers and it makes for an enjoyable work environment.

They don’t get along with each other, they have a terrible relationship.

Call off


To stop doing or planning to do (something).
Example: Maria called off the wedding because she decided she didn’t love him.

Run into


When two or more objects hit or collide with each other.

    Example: The car was destroyed when it ran into a tree.

To see someone unexpectedly.

Example: I ran into Sara at the supermarket on Sunday and she told me that she’s getting married next year.

Now that you’ve learned these five phrasal verbs and their definitions, put them to use!

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