7 new phrasal verbs to spice up your English

We all know that phrasal verbs can be a pain to learn, there are many in the English language. Even though they are difficult to learn, they serve an important purpose. Add these 7 phrasal verbs to your English vocabulary to spice up your communication skills!

Every English student knows that phrasal verbs can be a nightmare to learn. Phrasal verbs are verbs that are combined with a preposition, an adverb or both a preposition and an adverb. Though they are difficult to learn, they serve a very important purpose in the English language. They change the meaning of the root verb to give us a clearer understanding and more specific description of the action.

Here are 7 common phrasal verbs to spice up your English vocabulary:


1. Speak up

Definition: to speak louder, to state your objections and/or opinions with confidence


Speak up! I can´t hear you!

It´s important to speak up if you see someone being bullied.

If you have a problem at work, speak up or it will never get resolved.



2. Put up with

Definition: to tolerate or endure


I hate my job, but I put up with it because I need it to support my family.

His friend is annoying but he puts up with him because he´s nice.

I can´t put up with the noise from my neighbors any longer!




recyclebinW verbos compuestos


3. Get rid of

Definition: to eliminate or discard


I´m getting rid of some old clothes and donating them to charity.

We should get rid of that old ugly chair in the living room, we barely use it.

They really need to get rid of that car, it´s always breaking down.



4. Take apart

Definition: to disassemble


She enjoys taking apart computers to understand how they work.

They had to take apart the bike in order to fix it.

I took apart the table to fit it in the box.




searchW verbos compuestos


5. Look up

Definition: to search for an item of information in a list, book or database.


If you don´t understand a word, look it up in the dictionary.

He looked up the location of the restaurant on Google.

I didn´t know my friend´s phone number, so I looked it up in the phone book.



6. Get through

Definition: to pass, or to establish contact with someone


I tried calling you yesterday but I couldn´t get through.

He only needs to get through his exams and he will be finished with school for the semester.

They tried getting through to the company to make a complaint but no one answered the phone or the emails.




spicesW verbos compuestos


7. Spice up

Definition: to add spices or flavor to food, to make something more interesting or fun, to cause transformation or improvement


By learning new expressions and vocabulary, you can spice up your English communication skills.

Spice up the night and go to a new restaurant or dance club.

This food needs to be spiced up, it´s very bland.



Use these 7 new phrasal verbs to spice up your English in everyday conversations! Stay connected with our page for more tips and information for improving your English skills.