Conversational Club

Practice English with native speakers


JUST TALK! Practice makes perfect.

Practice the language with native speakers! Take advantage of the conversation club and have a great time in our language exchange. Make new friends and improve your English with a native teacher who will guide the conversations. Every week is different. Start practicing english in the real world!  


First Friday of every month from 20 to 21h  

Just Talk

The native teacher prepares games and themes in order to get to know each other,then introduces a subject and develops it in depth but in a fun and dynamic way. Enjoy a drink and snack. Small groups with a great atmosphere. Enjoy an hour full of fun with a drink and all 100% in English! Third friday of every month from 20 to 21.

Second Friday of every month from 20 to 21     

Game Night
Practice your English with some classic games such as Trivia, Monopoly, Cards…. Your native teacher will design and extend the game making it more fun! An hour in which you can spend with your friends, with varied games and all in English. In addition, you can enjoy a drink and a snack.

Third Friday of every month from 20 to 21h  

Show time

Speak about your favourite series and movies in English with others who love the same hobby as you. Enjoy a drink and a snack. We will send you the list of movies and series we will be discussing in the coming months.

Fourth Friday of every month from 20 to 21h  

Art Night

Do you like art or are you interested in knowing more about it? With the language exchange you can learn about art through English while drawing or painting with a native teacher and new friends. The painting or drawing techniques used will change depending on the group. An unique hour in which you can enjoy a snack and take a memento home!


icono-precioPrices and schedule for the Conversation Club 

In order to attend the language exchange you must reserve a minimum of 42 hours in advance. If you register later, you run the risk that the minimum numbers haven’t been reached or that the group is full.


  • $20/student (includes drink + appetizer + native speaking teacher to guide conversation).
  • 5 sessions – $90.
  • 10 sessions – $175.


  • 10€ por estudiante (incluye profesor nativo en grupo reducido + bebida y tapa).
  • Bono 5 sesiones – 45€.
  • Bono 10 sesiones – 90€.

2×1 in your first day

More info info@dreamingcalifornia.es

The benefits of a conversation club

  • It’s an excellent way to practice and improve your language because you can do it in a natural way and it allows you to communicate and express yourself more fluently.
  • Be part of a group. You will always have classmates with whom you can bond and share the games and themes with.
  • Get to know other cultures. Your native teacher will be able to tell you of their experiences, way of life, customs and traditions from their birth place which will enrich the conversations and give you new international knowledge.
  • Express yourself and discover synonyms. You will participate in conversations in which you don’t always have to know all the words. This will help you to find new ways of expressing yourself, to discover synonyms and also will allow your peers to guess the word you are looking for in order to help you. Remember, everybody in the language exchange will have their own, different level. You don’t need to be an expert, you just have to have the desire to improve.
  • The most fun and dynamic way. These are not the usual english classes. Learn the language through communication and with a different theme each week, with games, role plays or activities.

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