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…accommodation, city, activities and the time you want to spend travelling

Personalised Course for Adults in the U.S.A

Dreaming California is an expert in language courses in California, creating a good atmosphere entered in an active lifestyle and continuous learning. We connect two cultures and give you the push you need for new knowledge, always under concise and secure advising. Our one on one treatments are what make us stand out in each of our programs.




STEP 1. Where do you want to travel?


Travel to any California city, depending on your lifestyle, your tastes, cultural, sporting and touristic interests. Our star course amongst our students is San Diego.



STEP 2. For how long?



We offer weekly courses, from 1 week to 1 year. The majority of our students travel between 8 to 12 weeks.



STEP 3. What type of accommodation?


Our accommodations vary, from american families, apartments, shared apartments with either shared or individual dorms, or hotels. Our accommodations are approved by our California team.



STEP 4. Which english course?


The english courses are designed to prepare students in intensive english courses or TOEFL preparation to access colleges and jobs in the United States


icono-avionSome of our destinations

San Diego

For north americans, America’s most exquisite city. Sophisticated lifestyle, which is to be expected from a modern and cosmopolitan city with beach access, forests and mountains. Famous for its beaches, bays, important natural port, for its theatres, museums, outdoor spaces, restaurants, and so much more, San Diego is the ideal destination.

Los Ángeles

Unique city with infinite attractions and activities. Celebrity glamour, one of the most famous shopping districts in the world (Rodeo Drive), and more than 300 fabulous museums, art galleries and concerts. Furthermore, beaches with incomparable boardwalks where one can stroll or work out.


Sacramento, California’s capital, has become of the most important touristic centers in California due to the State Capitol restauration, its rivers, railway museum, old Sacramento…Its valuable historical heritage, search for quality of life, and short distance to San Francisco, Yosemite Valley and Lake Tahoe make it a perfect choice.

Santa Cruz

Surrounded by the Pacific waters, its coast looks over Monterey Bay, a marine sanctuary where different aquatic species co-exist, such as dolphins, seals and otters. This is the perfect destination for sun, beach and outdoor sports lovers. Its natural richness is not only concentrated in the beauty of its beaches and cliffs, but in its diverse national parks and forest reserves with majestic sequoias.

The perfect accommodation for you

The apartments are located in either the city centre or near the beach. Surrounded by restaurants, bars, stores and public transport. Our apartment complexes are equipped with washing machine, dryer, gym, sports centre, pool, move theater, Internet, security, amongst other things.

Apartments with shared dorms, include two beds, closet, and basic furniture necessary for the stay. They have at least two bathrooms, kitchen and shared living room with one other room, and a terrace or garden.

Apartments with private dorm include two rooms, two bathrooms, and a shared kitchen, living room and terrace or garden.

Host families Host families are native speaking families from the States who open up their homes and their lives in a completely altruistic way to our students. We deal with very open families who are delighted to share their culture, traditions, language, home and lives with other people.


English Course


Certified American Schools

Their specialty is forming international students and professionals for English language learning. Our students will deal with a specific study program oriented to their individual needs. Intensive English courses and TOEFL preparation courses are organised weekly, depending on the duration of your trip.


Intensive weekly courses in California Universities where they prepare international students each year. Universities offer students and professionals, and English language students, intensive courses in which they are able to rapidly learn English to satisfy academic needs, related to work or social skills.

icono-libro  Information


  • At American Academy $-$$
  • At University $$-$$$




  • Shared dorm $-$$
  • Individual dorm $$-$$$
  • American Family $$
  • Hotel $$$


Any city in California is a possibility for us. All you have to do is choose…

Ask us for an estimate at or at 91 219 40 72.

The course was amazing in an Academy in La Jolla where I later would spend time at the beach, shopping and enjoying the nice weather.



Academy Intensive course, Shared dorm

With the course, I learned to lose my fear of speaking English and the host family really helped me improve. Surfing in those waters was amazing


Academy Intensive course, Host Family

I love the film industry and I needed to prepare for the TOEFL. It was the perfect destination, and so much fun.


Academy intensive course , Shared dorm