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San Diego

This is the star destination of summer english courses! San Diego is the perfect city for young people! They can walk down the streets of downtown, sunbathe and surf in some of the best beaches of California, or take part in any of the endless activities offered by the city.

National Geographic has included it as the only US City in their list of ¨Intelligent/Smart Cities”, which highlights some of the best cities in the world to live in. Immersing yourself in a cultural environment and sophisticated lifestyle is very easy in San Diego. The gastronomic diversity, the international ambience, technological innovation and its proximity to Los Angeles allow everyone to enjoy very different experiences. The hot California climate is the perfect ally for ensuring that english courses in California achieve a perfect harmony between education, entertainment and culture, all in a family environment.

Silicon Valley

Sacramento is a city that has managed to grow without losing its charm. With a strong historical past, the capital of California, is the point of reference for travellers who want to relive the era of the American Cowboys.

Sacramento is considered to be one of the foremost US cities for a high quality of life. With a mild climate all year round, this city offers a lot of very interesting tourist attractions for any student. Host families here are very active, and they love nature and history. On warm summer nights, they can usually be found on the porch, speaking to their family. Sacramento is also the perfect place to disconnect from the city and enjoy nature, due to its proximity to Lake Tahoe and Folsom. Sacramento is only an hour from San Francisco, a city we visit multiple times to see the famous slopes and the places you see in the movies.

Host Family

The host families are natives from the U.S. whose philosophy on life means they open their homes and their hearts to our students. These are very open, welcoming families who are delighted to share their culture, their traditions, their language, their home and their life with other people. Sharing your day to day life with your host family, gives you an opportunity to really get to know the country, the people, the culture and the lifestyle. It’s the ideal way to fully integrate into the country you are visiting and master the language.

Certified American School

The english courses are specifically designed for the summer and are based on an intensive program with levels from beginner to advanced, so that a¡each student obtains/receives specific knowledge and experiences a real improvement in their english language.

The teachers are experts in teaching and motivation for learning. They help the students to learn, grow and develop their language.In addition, being in an Anglo-Saxon country, there is a necessity to put into practice what you have learned in class, ensuring that you practice the language outside of the classes.

Choose your English course in California

San Diego y Los Ángeles

San Diego is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. For the Americans it´s Amerca´s Finest City, that it so say, the most exquisite city in America. There are a multitude of activities to do and enjoy.

More than 20 different activities to make an unforgettable summer!

Surf week

San Diego Downtown


Los Angeles


Balboa Park

Universal Studios

San Diego Zoo


Mall and cinema

Palo Alto

Six Flags

San Francisco


Santa Cruz


Stanford University

Berkeley University




Silicon Valley y San Fracisco

As the capital of the State, Sacramento is an energetic city, in constant renovation, which respects its historical charm and will take you from the Capitol in the city, to the past – courtesy of Old Town, or to the marvellous natural landscapes of its surroundings.

Discover endless activities in the big cities or in the marvellous lakes of the area!


Prices and dates of the english courses in California

San Diego

  • 3rd of June to the 1st of July.
  • 3rd of July to the 31st of July.
  • 30th of July to the 27th of August.


  • 27th of June to the 25th of July.

The dates may vary due to external circumstances

Full course Downtown San Diego 3.995€

The students live and study in the center or surrounding areas of San Diego. Flights not included.

Immersion and activities in Sacramento 2.995€

Live with an American family and participate in  activities between Monday and Friday. Flights not included.

Complete course in San Diego.

  • Transfers from the airport to the accommodation. 
  • International health coverage. 
  • Transport to classes and activities. 
  • Accommodation with an American family. Individual or shared room, and all meals. 
  • All the activities listed in the catalogue (more than 20 different activities). 
  • A Spanish monitor who will be by your side from the moment you leave Madrid until you return. Available 24 hours.
  • An American monitor who will accompany you to all the activities along with the Spanish monitor. 
  • An intensive course of English in a certified American School with 18 academic hours a week. 
  • Diploma accrediting the level of English you obtained.

Save 100€  on your english course in California!

  • You´ll save 100€ if you reserve before April. 
  • You´ll save 100€ if you come with a friend or family member.
  • You´ll save 100€ if you´re a former student.

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