Inmersion in the United States

You will live with a host family

Would you like to experience an immersive course in English?

We will help you to feel like a part of an American family

Would you like to experience an immersive course in English?

The family immersion is an immersive english course with an American host family. It is the fastest way to gain total fluency in the language.

The students will live with a family with whom they will share their daily life, continuously practicing English and carrying out activities to get to know the country, the people and the culture. You will make new friends, learn the language in one of the best cities in the world, and you will excel while living new experiences every day.



US Destinations

San Diego

 For the Americans, the most exquisite city in America. It boasts a sophisticated lifestyle, typical for such a modern and cosmopolitan city. It´s famous for the beaches, bays and the all important natural port; for the theatres, museums, outdoor/open air spaces, restaurants, public leisure areas and endless other amenities. San Diego has become the ideal destination in which to participate in English immersion.

Los Ángeles

 Sacramento, the state capital, has become one of the most popular tourist areas of California due to the restored State Capitol, the rivers, the railway museum, Old Sacramento, the great historical heritage and the high quality of life. It’s also a very short distance from San Francisco, the Yosemite Valley and Lake Tahoe, making it the perfect choice for learning English while living with a host family.



A city like no other in the entire world, with endless attractions and activities. The glamour of the celebrity world, one of the most exclusive shopping districts in the world, Rodeo Drive and more than 300 fabulous museums, art galleries and concerts as well as exceptional beaches where you can play any sport you can imagine, or enjoy incredible walks. Have a blast learning english while living with a host family.


Santa Cruz

Surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, its shores overlook Monterey Bay, a marine sanctuary where species of marine animals like dolphins, seals and otters co-exist. It’s the ultimate tourist destination for lovers of the sun, the beach and outdoor sports. The natural beauty is not confined to just beaches and cliffs, as it also boasts several forest reserves with majestic redwoods.


 Host families

The host families are natives from the U.S. whose philosophy on life means they open their homes and their hearts to our students. These are very open, welcoming families who are delighted to share their culture, their traditions, their language, their home and their life with other people.

Sharing your day to day life with your host family, gives you an opportunity to really get to know the country, the people, the culture and the lifestyle. It’s the ideal way to fully integrate into the country you are visiting and participate in a complete language immersion, helping you to master the language.

The majority of our host families participate every year. It´´ a great experience for both them and our students where they get to share culture activities and multiple experiences that change every summer.

Living with a host family is the ideal way to integrate fully in the country you are visiting and learn to master the language.


Family Selection

At Dreaming California we personally interview all of the families interested in hosting students, we visit their homes and get to know all the members of the family. We carry out extensive interviews where we explore topics such as motivations, expectations, family details……
and even verify and check into criminal records. All of our participant families must provide references whether they are  personal, work or from religious entities.


Prices for English immersion

Family immersion in any of the cities of California.

  • Transfers from the airport to the accommodation.
  • Travel Insurance. 
  • Accommodation in an American Family.
  • Individual or shared room.
  • Full Board/All Meals included.
  • A coordinator who is available 24 hour a day.

Language immersion in English with a host family.

  • Immersion with a family for 4 weeks in any of our California Destinations- 1.995€. 
  • Immersion with a family for 4 weeks and activities from Monday to FRiday in Sacramento – 2.995€.

If you would like to stay for longer or add an English course, ask us about our personalised programs.

  • 100€  if you book before April.
  • 100€ if you bring a friend.
  • 100€  for former students.


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