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An academic year in the USA is a full year of inmersion in school, language and culture. The studente live with a host family becoming a real member of the family and studies in an American school together with native studentes. It’s an incredible and enriching experience.

You will meet new friends, learn English in a marvellous city and excel by having new experiences every day. An academic year in the USA isn’t just to perfect the language or to experiencie a differente education system, but also will help you to trust yourself more, and broaden your horizons. Discover new places, cultures and situations.

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Official U.S. Program 🇺🇸 

The U.S goverment oversees the Student Exchange Programs, giving them offcial recognition. For the U.S.A. it is a proud tradition that so many students from abroad want to travel to learn their customs, and get to know their people and style of living. That is why all of the arrangements for the school year in the USA are controlled and supervised bye the US Department of State, the local goverment and by CSIET. . are controlled and supervised by the US Department of State, the local government entity and by CSIET (Council of Standards for Educational International Travel), with the aim that everything functions perfectly, as much for the students as for the host families and the schools in which they study.

 Students who want to pursue an academic year in the USA must get a special student visa to enter the United States. This Visa is only provided by organizations recognised by the U.S. Department of State.



The best program in the world! ✈️

The American education system is one of the best in the world. For high school students in the U.S. there is a wide range of subjects and the students have the flexibility to design their own academic program that takes into account their future plans, which they do with the help of an Academic Tutor. The schools rely on a vocational team of teachers, who are dedicated to their work and are eager to motivate their students.


American Families

American Families are known for their generosity and for their ability to host a student from abroad, and treat them the same as their own children. These are very open families, who are thrilled to share their culture, their traditions, their language, their home and their lifestyle with other people. 


Family Selection

We select our host families with the help of an official organization approved by the U.S. Department of State. The co-ordinators of this organisation are based all over the country, and they are dedicated to personally interviewing those families who are interested in the Student Exchange Program, visiting their homes and getting to know each of the family members. 

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  • Be 15 years of age before the 1st of August and not turning 18 before the 15th of January of the academic year.
  • Good academic Record. Have a minimum average of 7/10.
  • Take the ELTiS exam with a minimum result of 223 in English, the TOEFL-PB with a minimum result of 45/90, or the TOEFL-ibt with a minimum result of 15 in each category.
  • Succeed at a personal interview.

Total price of the academic year in the USA in a public school- 9.990

  • Discount if you reserve before March €100.
  • Discount if you come with a friend €100.
  • Discount if you have an American host family that meets the requirements. €100.
  • Advice on the Visa process.
  • Pre-trip orientation meeting.
  • Medical Insurance for the entire duration.
  • Collection from the airport at the beginning of the program.
  • Accommodation with a family on a full board basis.
  • Registration in an American school.
  • Advice for the choice of subjects.
  • Observation of the student during the school year.
  • Ensuring that the studies are validated.
  • Phone assistance 24 hours.
  • A Dreaming California t-shirt.

The application must be submitted before the 1st of April, and for the process the following documents will be required.

  • Personal interview at Dreaming California.
  • English Test.

  • Academic results from the last three years.

  • Signed Contract.

  • Registration fee (2000€, included in the total price).

  • Processing of the application

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We will help you to make your year in the U.S.A. an unforgettable experience

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We work with private schools in the United States, establishments with excellent reputations to ensure that students receive high quality personalised learning.The biggest advantage of private schools is that you can choose the area, as we work with schools throughout the United States.

From 12 years old

From one trimester to an entire academic year

Exact selection of State and City

Schools which specialise in sports, science, arts

Programs from 15.000€

Our schools have high quality sports facilities

The teachers of extracurricular activities are exceptional

The United States offers a lot more choice to its students, due to a much wider range of students

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