Do you want to improve your English but feel that you don’t have time to do it? Maybe you have a crazy work schedule, a family to care for, or too many other obligations that don’t allow you to attend English classes or to study at home. Don’t fret, there are options for busy people to improve their English!


Here are five ways that you can improve your English with a busy schedule:


cassetteW mejorar tu inglés


If you’re a busy person, most likely you spend lots of time in the car or on public transport for your commute to work or between errands. Take this time to listen to English. You can listen to a wide variety of podcasts and/or audio books in English that will help you learn AND keep you entertained during your commute.



readW mejorar tu inglés


Reading is always beneficial for the mind. On the train to work or on  your lunch break, read books or news articles in English. Follow news websites on Facebook to receive articles directly to your phone or computer. While reading, try to take note of words that you don’t understand. When you have time, look up their definitions and revise them.





When you’re relaxing at home, watch TV shows or movies in English! If you have a low level of English, choose a movie that you’ve seen before or something for kids (Pixar movies are fun for adults too!), this way it will be easier for you to follow along. You can choose to put subtitles in your native language or in English to gain a better understanding. Youtube videos in English are helpful as well. You can watch helpful tutorials or find a Youtube Blogger that you enjoy watching.



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A very important part of learning a language is to practice speaking it, but it isn’t always easy to find an opportunity to do so. Check to see if there are any language exchanges in your city. Language exchanges can be a lot of fun and are a great way to meet new people while improving your speaking skills. If there aren’t language exchanges available where you live, or they don‘t fit into your schedule, try an online language exchange website. Websites such as Italki, Speaky or Coeffee connect you with a native speaker with whom you can practice speaking!


playW mejorar tu inglés


Duolingo is a language learning application that can be downloaded to your smartphone. Duolingo uses interactive activities and translations to teach you a new language. Duolingo is fun and portable – when you have some down time, dedicate it to playing on Duolingo for a bit each day.


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