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Funny American laws that you never knew existed 2

Throughout history some unbelievable American laws have been written. Whether they´re local, city or state laws, they’re sure to surprise you! In part 2 of Funny American laws that you never knew existed, we take a look at 28 hilarious laws that were written and...

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How to improve your English with a busy schedule

Maybe you have a crazy work schedule, a family to care for, or too many other obligations that don’t allow you to attend English classes or to study at home. Don’t fret, there are options for busy people to improve their English!

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Oddities along Route 66

If you want to take the quintessential American road trip, follow the old Route 66. On your journey, don’t forget to stop and see the oddities that line Route 66 from Illinois to California!

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7 English idioms to add to your vocabulary

Idioms are an essential part of every language, they’re frequently used in everyday conversation. Add these 7 English idioms to your vocabulary to enhance your communication skills and speak like a native!

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Plan your trip to San Diego

San Diego, also known as America´s Finest City, is full of life, diversity, art, delicious food, beaches and fun activities. The city has a lot to offer, here are 5 things that you shouldn’t miss out on while you’re there!

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Around the town – English vocabulary

Improve your English vocabulary with this word list of things and places around town. You may already know some of these words, but surely there are a few that you haven’t learned yet!

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