Oddities along Route 66

If you want to take the quintessential American road trip, follow the old Route 66. On your journey, don’t forget to stop and see the oddities that line Route 66 from Illinois to California!

Plan your trip to San Diego

San Diego, also known as America´s Finest City, is full of life, diversity, art, delicious food, beaches and fun activities. The city has a lot to offer, here are 5 things that you shouldn’t miss out on while you’re there!

The famous streets of San Francisco

San Francisco is known for many things; the Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful Victorian houses, the unique cable cars and the old Alcatraz prison. But did you know that there are also famous streets of San Francisco? These are a few of the most emblematic streets in this gorgeous city:   Lombard Street This is hands-down […]

Route 1 of California

Driving the Route 1 of California is the way to go if you want to take the quintessential American road trip. The most scenic part of it is designated as the famous Pacific Coast Highway, which includes steep cliffs, deep- blue ocean views, crashing waves and tranquility.   The construction of State Route 1 began […]

What to see in the great state of California

California is one of the most famous states in the USA, known for its lovely natural features, beautiful cities, and wonderful weather. If you want to visit the United States, California is the perfect place to start! Yosemite National Park You will be blown away by the natural beauty that this national park has to […]