Funny American laws that you never knew existed 2

Throughout history some unbelievable American laws have been written. Whether they´re local, city or state laws, they’re sure to surprise you! In part 2 of Funny American laws that you never knew existed, we take a look at 28 hilarious laws that were written and passed in the United States. Can you believe that these […]

How to make the American dream a reality

Building a life for yourself in the United States isn’t always easy. Check out these tips on how to maneuver the professional world of the U.S. and make the American dream a reality.

Funny American laws that you never knew existed

Some are old, and many are not actually enforced, but you won’t believe these hilarious American laws that have been written throughout the years. 1. Bingo games can’t last more than 5 hours in North Carolina. 2. Cutting down a cactus in Arizona can get you up to 25 years in prison. 3. Cars may […]

¿Por qué deberías estudiar inglés en el extranjero?

¿Estás pensando en llevar tu aprendizaje de inglés a otro nivel? ¿Has estado considerando estudiar en el extranjero para mejorar tus conocimientos del idioma? ¿O simplemente estás buscando una nueva aventura? ¡Sigue leyendo para aportarte un poco de inspiración!   La inmersión hace maravillas para tus conocimientos de inglés No hay mejor forma de mejorar […]

American Christmas Traditions

Christmas is celebrated in many countries around the world. Each country has its own customs and traditions during the Christmas season. Here you will learn about some of the different traditions that set the US apart from the rest of the world at Christmastime. Christmas lights   Almost every country that celebrates Christmas decorates the […]