Tips for your trip to Los Angeles

Are you prepared for your trip to Los Angeles? Read on for some tips on how to plan the perfect trip!


Los Angeles is the most emblematic American city of the West Coast. Home to Hollywood and the movie stars, warm weather and beautiful beaches, it´s a must-see if you´re visiting the states.

Before you go, take a look at these tips for planning your trip to Los Angeles:



Day trips from LA

When planning your trip to Los Angeles, do some research and see what there is to visit in the surrounding areas. Southern California is full of natural beauty and cool towns to visit. To take full of advantage of the California experience, plan one or more day trips to places like Laguna Beach, Malibu, Solvang, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, one of the many Californian vineyards and wineries or Joshua Tree National Park. The possibilities are endless, there is something for everyone in close reach of Los Angeles.




maletas planificar tu viaje a Los Ángeles

What to pack

Los Angeles is famous for its gorgeous, sunny weather. It has a mild Mediterranean climate, the average temperature from June to October is 80°F (27°C) and from November to May the average is 70°F (22°C). It´s important to pack accordingly! Be prepared for wonderful warm weather – pack shorts and a few long pants, T-shirts, a sweatshirt or light jacket to wear at night during a stroll along the beach and some good walking shoes for sightseeing. And of course, pack your swimsuit and sandals for the beach!



Free things to do in Los Angeles

If you’re on a budget, research some free things to do in LA before you go! Some options include; going to Griffith Park (the biggest urban park of the United States), checking out free museums like the California Science Center or the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, taking walks in famous places such as the Walk of Fame or Venice Beach, and even participate in the filming of live shows in Hollywood! The La Brea Tar Pits Museum is a fascinating attraction in Los Angeles, it is dedicated to the archaeological bones and fossils from the ice age that were found in the exact same spot as the museum stands. The La Brea Tar Pits Museum has free entry on the first Tuesday of every month.




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Tipping in restaurants

Coming from a different country, you may not be familiar with the American tipping system. It may seem strange, but waiters are normally paid around $2.65 an hour and rely solely on their tips to make a living. Customers at restaurants are expected to tip between 15 and 20 percent of the check to their waiter for their service. This only applies to restaurants with waiters, not restaurants where you order at a counter. Please keep this in mind during your trip to Los Angeles and the USA in general, waiters and waitresses need tips in order to have a salary. It will be seen as extremely rude if you do not leave one. Of course, if the service is bad, you are free to leave a lower tip or no tip at all if the service is exceptionally terrible.



Areas to avoid

Los Angeles is a wonderful city with many great neighborhoods, but as with most cities, there are some neighborhoods that you should avoid. Most of these areas aren´t close to any tourist attractions, so you have a low probability of coming across them, but it is important to be aware. Some of the places to avoid are Skid Row, Chesterfield Square, Westmont (along South Vermont Ave.) and various neighborhoods in South-Central LA such as Compton. If you exercise the same common sense as you would in any big city, you will be fine.




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Emergency numbers

No matter where you travel to, make sure you are familiar with all emergency phone numbers and what steps to take if a problem arises. In case of emergency during your trip to Los Angeles, always call 911. You should carry the phone number and address of where you are staying in case you get lost. It is also helpful to have your country’s embassy/consulate information on hand during your trip to Los Angeles.

Here is the website of the Consulate of Spain in Los Angeles and their contact information:




Now that you are armed with this information, go and enjoy yourself in California and have a great trip to Los Angeles!

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