5 idiomas más demandados por las empresas

Hoy queremos hablarte de de cuáles son los idiomas más demandados por las empresas. En un mundo cada vez más globalizado y competente, aprender un idioma, como mínimo, es casi una obligación si estás en el proceso de conseguir trabajo. Todos sabemos que el mundo cada vez está más conectado, cada vez se relacionan más […]

4 common mistakes that ESL learners make

Don’t be ashamed of making errors when learning a new language, everyone does it! For ESL students, there are common mistakes that many people make, but they can be easily fixed. Here, we take a look at 4 things that frequently confuse ESL students. Don’t forget that when we use the verb listen, it must be followed by to!………………………………………………

How to improve your English with a busy schedule

Maybe you have a crazy work schedule, a family to care for, or too many other obligations that don’t allow you to attend English classes or to study at home. Don’t fret, there are options for busy people to improve their English!

Why your English isn’t improving

If you feel that your English isn’t improving, it’s because you are making one or more of the following mistakes.     You’re not practicing speaking Maybe you are nervous or embarrassed to make mistakes and this is holding you back from trying to speak. Just remember, if you don’t practice and make mistakes, no […]

English Activities in Madrid

    Are you looking for new and unique methods to practice English in your own city? Read on for lots of fun English activities in Madrid to get you speaking and meeting new people here in Madrid!   Language Exchanges (Intercambios) In Madrid and the surrounding areas, there are tons of language exchanges in […]