7 English-enhancing expressions

Use these 7 English-enhancing expressions to spice up your vocabulary and communicate like a native speaker!

Kill two birds with one stone

This expression is used to talk about having the opportunity to accomplish two things at the same time.

Yesterday I killed two birds with one stone and made a trip downtown to go shopping and pass by the bank.

Cost an arm and a leg


cost an arm and a leg expresiones inglés


If something costs an arm and a leg, this means that it is expensive.

It cost me an arm and a leg to fix that broken window.


Bark up the wrong tree

When you bark up the wrong tree, this means that you are looking for something in the wrong place or asking the wrong person for help or information.

If you’re asking me for help with your math homework, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I’m terrible at math!

Cross that bridge when you come to it


7 English-enhancing expressions bridge


This expression is used to say that you should worry about a problem only IF and WHEN it happens, not beforehand.

John asked me about what we should do if we need more employees next year for our business. I told him that we will cross that bridge when we come to it.


Don’t cry over spilled milk

If a glass of milk spills, what can you do to change the situation? Nothing. That’s why this expression means that you mustn’t complain or dwell on past problems.

Sarah told me to not cry over spilled milk when I complained to her about breaking my phone.

Jump on the bandwagon

If you’re jumping on the bandwagon, it means that you are following or have joined in a popular trend.

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get that haircut that is so popular right now.


Once in a blue moon


English-enhancing expressions blue moon


If something occurs once in a blue moon, it means that it happens very rarely.

I go dancing once in a blue moon, I don’t like it much.