5 Tv shows to learn English

little einsteins

1. Little Einsteins

This is the 1 tv shows to learn English. Little Einsteins is a fun and interactive American cartoon.  It is currently shown on the Disney Channel and can also be found on YouTube.com.  This cartoon follows the adventures of four children in a variety of fun and wacky situations.  This show is wonderful for young English learners as there is a lot of word repetition.  The characters elicit participation from the audience which makes for an enjoyable experience.  You may find your kids yelling at the TV screen in English to help the Little Einsteins solve their mysteries!


blues-clues2. Blue´s Clues

Blue’s Clues is an American television program that ran from 1996 to 2007. It was loved by many American children for its fun songs and interactive theme.  The TV show characters ask the viewers for help finding three clues to find out what Blue (the dog) wants. This show is perfect for very young English learners (6 years old and under) because of its simple theme, simple vocabulary and simple songs!  You can find episodes of Blue´s Clues for your kids on YouTube.com



home_arthur3. Arthur

The beloved series of American children in the 1990´s, Arthur, is a wholesome and cute series that is great for children approximately 6 to 12 years old.  This series follows a family of aardvarks and their animal friends in funny everyday situations that children can relate to.  Arthur promotes good morals to children, such as the benefits of reading, being active and being a good friend. Arthur is good for kids who already have a basic level of English as the vocabulary and grammar is not particularly simple.  You can find full episodes of Arthur on YouTube.com


tv shows learn English4. Pocoyo

Category: Curiosity, Friendship, Problem solving
The most popular tv show to learn English. Pocoyo television program focuses on how a typical preschooler becomes frustrated when he is unable to do something his friends can do. The good news is that each story shows how he identifies the problem and how he is able to fix it.


tv shows learn English5. Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold! is a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon in the United States from 1996 to 2004.  It was a favorite of children and teenagers alike.  The series is centered on a fourth grade boy named Arnold and his life in the big city.  He is the leader of his group of friends in his New York City neighborhood where they encounter situations that any kid can relate to.  Hey Arnold! is full of interesting characters, humorous situations and a bit of cool jazz music.  This cartoon is fitting for children aged 7 and up with an intermediate level of English.  They will be introduced to new vocabulary and conversational English while enjoying a great TV show.  Find full episodes of Hey Arnold! on YouTube.com


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