5 More phrasal verbs you should be using

There are many phrasal verbs in the English language, do you know these five? Add them to your vocabulary to improve your English communication skills!

Calm down


Definition: to relax after being angry, stressed, anxious or scared

Example: You need to calm down, being angry will not help the situation.



Check out

Hotel Check out phrasal verbs

Definitions: to leave a hotel
to look at carefully or to investigate

Examples: Tomorrow we must check out of the hotel by 12:00pm.

Before I decide on which car I’m going to buy, I want to check out more information                                     on the internet.


Come across

Definition: to find unexpectedly

Example: I was cleaning the house when I came across some old family photos.


Get away with (something)

Definition: to do something without being noticed or punished

Example: The man robbed the bank and got away with it, the police never found him.



Get together

Friends get together phrasal verbs

Definition: to meet (usually for social reasons)

Example: Would you like to get together this weekend? We could meet at a restaurant and have a coffee.

It is extremely important to know phrasal verbs in the English language, they are commonly used and there are lots of them. Try your best to learn as many as possible to advance your English level!

For more phrasal verbs, click here.

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