Why you should study English abroad

Are you thinking about taking your English learning to the next level? Have you been considering studying abroad to improve your language skills? Or are you simply looking for a new adventure? Read on for a bit of inspiration!


Immersion does wonders for your English skills

There is no better way to improve your English than to immerse yourself in it. If you study in a country like England or the United States, you will be surrounded by English every day; on the street, in your home, at the shops, in the newspapers, on the television, and on the radio. You will learn every day English expressions, get more comfortable with your speaking abilities, build your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. You will finally get the chance to use your English in real-life daily situations!


Learn about a different culture from the inside

If you spend enough time in a foreign country and make an effort to meet locals, you will learn more about their culture than you ever could from a book or a movie. You will come to understand the history and reasons behind their customs, learn all of their traditions for different holidays, learn new expressions, try new foods, and even understand a different sense of humor…the possibilities are endless!


New adventures and new friends

There is so much waiting for you in a new country. Many people may fear the unknown and the uncertainty of living in a foreign country, but once you take a leap of faith and try it, you will find that it is a life-changing experience. During your time in a new country you can meet new friends, go to concerts, discover local art activities, see famous sights, learn about history, pick up new hobbies, see some breathtaking views, go to social events unlike ones in your home country and have some unforgettable nights out.


Develop your future endeavors

When you travel to another country, new opportunities, inspirations and ideas will arise for you. Your experience in another country may inspire you in future work, study or travel endeavors. Maybe you will meet someone new and be exposed other points of view that will motivate you to start something new or make life changes. You may also discover a new career path and no matter what, a study abroad program will always look good on your CV!


Become an all-around stronger person

When you put yourself into new situations in a different country where you don’t know anyone, you are bound to become stronger. You will overcome difficult situations whether they are related to culture shock, loneliness, getting lost, or navigating daily life in a different language. No matter what happens during your experience abroad, you will walk away as a stronger and more confident person. Your trip may give you the confidence you need to travel to other foreign countries you’ve always dreamed of visiting or give you the courage to strike up a conversation with an English speaker. If you can overcome obstacles alone in an unfamiliar place, you know you’ll be able to in future situations in your own country.


Study abroad in California this summer!

Our language academy, Dreaming California, organizes English immersion trips for teens and adults in San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz, California. Participating students will have the option to stay with an American host family, be enrolled in English classes, and participate in fun daily excursions and activities. We also can organize a year-long study abroad program for those who are interested in a long-term course. For more information on our programs in California, please click here.

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